Membership Details

Membership Secretary, Heather Munro Daniel 4600 Lloydtown Road Mebane, NC 27302 561-702-1872 Membership Dues: $40.00...Annual Membership:

Membership Qualifications Members will be joined to BOTH the Clan Munro (Association) Scotland and the Clan Munro Association, USA.

(members can be at least one of the following)
  • Applicants must bear the name Munro by birth or be descent in one of its various spellings (Munro, Monro, Munroe, Monroe, etc...)
  • Bear the a Septs name (Foulis, Dingwall, Vass, MacCulloch or MacLullich), by birth or descent
  • Be in sympathy with objects of Association
Membership Benefits
  • Membership in the Clan Munro Association, USA, plus membership in the Clan Munro Association, Scotland.
  • Connection with Munros (all spellings) who attend the annual gatherings held throughout the USA,plus Munros world-wide at gatherings in Scotland every 5-7 years
  • Interactive genealogy website
  • FACEBOOK - a site for posting comments or photos
  • 2 publications per year: The Munro Eagle (late summer; 60 page journal) and the Eagle Flyer (spring; 16-page newsletter)
  • Option of using PayPal for initial dues payment
  • New member gifts: membership lapel pin and card; car window decal; brochure concerning history of CMA, USA; membership directory

Membership Fees go towards:
  • Scottish Arts, Music, & Athletic Scholarships
  • Dues to Clan Munro UK
  • Membership Pins & Awards
  • Web Site and Social Media
  • Organization insurance, tax returns, postage, etc.

How to Join (Two Ways to Join Now)

MemberShip Options
1 Year
(New Members)
at $10.00USD
(plus $0.80 fee)
1 Yearat $40.00USD
(plus $1.31 fee)
2 Yearsat $80.00USD
(plus $2.11 fee)
3 Yearsat $100.00USD
(plus $2.60 fee)

  • (2nd way) Join by Check/Mail: ($40 USD ($10 for brand New-Members) Plus Envolop & Stamp) **Please Note: Approx 30 day turn around (by mail)
    (for faster turn around) email completed application to Email:
    (2 steps)

    1) Click and print out the following form: Membership Application (PDF)
    2) Mail with Check Payment to:
    • Heather Munro Daniel
      4600 Lloydtown Road
      Mebane, NC 27302
    Payment:..($40USD for 1yr ($10USD for New-Members 1yr), $80USD for 2yrs, $100 for 3yrs)
  • Make a Donation:

    You choice which purpose:
    • Scholarship Fund
    • Scottish Games Tent Fund
    • DNA Project Fund
    • General Account Fund

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