Munro DNA Project


The Munro DNA project was initiated in late 2001 by North Carolina Monroe/Munroe researchers with the goal that Family Tree DNA would become a repository of Munro DNA worldwide. Participants include bona fide representatives of the following lines:

  • Certain Foulis-Munro chiefs and cadet branches
  • President James Monroe
  • Banished prisoners of war after the Battle of Worcester in 1651: William Monroe of Lexington, MA, whose descendants were of American Revolutionary War fame and John Munro of Bristol, RI, ancestor of Marilyn Monroe
  • James Munro, Premier of Victoria
  • Lochfyneside Munros


Researchers whose ancestors emigrated from the Loch Fyne area in Argyll to North Carolina formed the Munro Project. It was always the desire that the project would move forward from being a localized group to participation by Munros worldwide.


The goals of the Munro DNA project are as follows:

  • to assist researchers trying to break through a brick wall in their research.
  • to correct inaccuracies in family history.*
  • to increase Scottish participation in the project.


Margaret Bardin


DeAnn Monroe Steely

* Alexander Mackenzie published the History of the Munros of Foulis in 1898. It stated that the Lexington Monroes were of the Foulis-Munro line. DNA research has disproven this assertion. The groupings of the different Y-DNA participants can be viewed from this link.