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Heather Munro Daniel,Membership Chairman: CMA USA E-mail to:

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Dr. B.J. Steele, CMA USA Genealogist and Database Administrator. Genealogy E-mail

Title_Position Name eMail Address
Chairman, Clan Munro (Association), Scotland:
Hector W. Munro of Foulis, Chief of Clan Munro
United States:
President Richard P. Munro (Rick)
Vice President Allison Munro Alger
Treasurer Mark C. Monroe
Recording Secretary Brooke Cannata
Membership Secretary Heather Munro Daniel
Board of Directors Fred G. Hoffman
Bruce Munroe
Mark A. Monroe II
Mark R. Munroe
Thomas N. Munro
Annual Gathering Site Steven Munro (Chair Person)
Charles C. Munroe III
Allison Munro Alger
Robin Cannata
Brooke Cannata
Archives and Library Chairman Lynn Edmonds (Chair Person)
Awards Tom Munro (Chair Person)
Budget and Finance Mark C. Monroe (Chair Person)
John Munro Godfrey
Bylaws and Rules Richard P. Munro (Rick)....(Chair Person)
John Munro Godfrey
Fred G. Hoffman
Joanna McDonald
Chaplain Rev. Randy Mathis
Executive Richard P. Munro (Rick)
Allison Munro Alger
Mark C. Monroe
Brooke Cannata
Fred G. Hoffman
Heather Munro Daniel
Genealogy Dr. B.J. Steele (Chair Person)
Charles Munroe III Ccmunroeiii@Msn.Com
Margaret Bardin Mbardin731@Comcast.Net
DeAnn Steely
Mark E. Monroe
Editor and Publications Barbara Cantrell (Chair Person)
Nominating Allison Munro Alger (Chair Person)
Bruce Munroe
Lynn Edmonds
Jim Monroe
Mark R. Munroe
Publicity Heather Munro Daniel
Joanna McDonald
Scholarships Susan Walker (Chair Person)
James Edward Monroe
Fred Hoffman
Tents and Games Mark R. Munroe (Chair Person)
Michael Rohe
Andrew Munro Munropc@Aol.Com
Joanna Mcdonald Joannamcdonald@Bellsouth.Net
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